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Vacation Scams

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Vacation Scams


Are you planning a fun summer vacation with the sun shining and summer in full swing? Unfortunately, scammers know that many families plan to get away in the summer and will use this as an opportunity to steal your hard-earned funds and information. Below is a list of some common vacation scams and how to avoid them.

  • Vacation package scams: If you receive an out-of-the-blue call, text, or email claiming you've won a free vacation package, it's likely a scam. Scammers love to use pressure tactics, such as urging people to sign as quickly as possible "before it's too late." Additionally, be on the lookout for prices that seem too good to be true! If an experience or package appears to be priced extremely low, it's good to be cautious.
  • Fake experiences: Many websites allow you to pay for an experience, such as a tour. While many are legitimate, use caution when booking, especially when asked to pay upfront. While most opportunities are real, take caution and do your research.

If you come across a travel scam online, complaints can be filed online with the Federal Trade Commission or the state Attorney General's office.

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