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Freedom+ Accounts

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Freedom+ Accounts

If you need help budgeting or would like a debit card that you can’t overdraw, then our Freedom+ account is the one for you! Like a checking account, you get a debit card that you can use in stores and at ATMs, but like a savings account, it’s virtually overdraft proof - you can only use money that’s in your account. You can manage the funds on your Freedom+ card by making deposits at any branch or by transferring money from another account with Online Banking. You can also have paychecks direct deposited into your Freedom+ account.

There are tons of ways to utilize a Freedom+ account outside of everyday spending and ATM withdrawals:

  • Holiday or vacation budgeting and spending. Put only what you want to spend in your Freedom+ account before you leave for your trip or before a holiday, and rest easy knowing you won’t go over budget.
  • Allowance. Use Freedom+ as a tool to teach children and teenagers financial responsibility by helping them monitor their saving and spending with the Online Banking mobile app.
  • Financial freedom. Provide financial freedom for dependent adult family members; they will have access to funds to spend, but the main account holder will still be able to help manage their spending. 
  • Paying bills. Deposit your monthly bill expenses into your Freedom+ account and set up automatic payments.
  • Internet purchases. Shop online without the worry of putting your entire account at risk of cybercriminals.

Read our full Freedom+ disclosure.


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