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Bill Pay

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Bill Pay

American 1 Bill Pay comes free with all American 1 checking accounts! Our Bill Pay platform not only helps you organize, schedule, and pay your bills, but also features:

  • Person to Person Payment (P2P) - A fast and simple way for members to send cash directly to friends and family using a mobile phone number or email address
  • Account to Account Payment (A2A) - Transfer funds between your accounts within American 1 or an account at another financial institution
  • PayExpress - An expedited payment option that guarantees overnight payments as part of a system that can ensure bills are never late or missed

You can access Bill Pay within Online Banking.

Bill Pay Tutorial Videos

Below is a series of videos to help you learn some of the features Bill Pay has to offer.

Opening Bill Pay (about 1 minute)

Adding a Payee (about 1 min. and 30 secs.)

Adding an eBill (about 1 min. and 15 secs.)

Scheduling Mailed and Electronic Payments (about 2 minutes)

Scheduling a Reocurring Payment (about 1 minute)

Adding an Alert on a Scheduled Payment (about 40 seconds)

Scheduling Payments from Pay Bills Tab (about 1 min. and 30 secs.)

Viewing Payment History (about 1 minute)

Deleting a Scheduled Payment (about 30 seconds)

Deleting a Payee (about 40 seconds)

Sending Money to Another Person (about 1 min. and 30 secs.)

Sending Money Between Institutions (about 1 min. and 45 secs.)

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Bill Pay Terms & Conditions

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