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November 2020 Patches

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November 2020 Patches


November 2020 Patches

Every month there are patches made by major companies like Microsoft Windows, Apple, Adobe, and Chrome/Firefox. Patches and updates are modifications from the vendors to fix issues that are found in their software. It is important you update your computer with these patches because if you don’t, hackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities and gain access to your computer or private information. This could result in the loss of your identity, personal security, or even money if you were to be hacked on an unpatched computer.

  • Microsoft Updates. Windows released their security patches for November which included 112 security vulnerabilities, including a zero-day exploit discovered by the Google Protect Zero team the week before.  

  • Chrome Updates. This month, there have been several patches from Chrome for a vulnerability being exploited by hackers. Chrome users are encouraged to update their browsers to mitigate the associated risks.

Cyber-attacks are evolving every day, increasing the threats of exposing private information that could damage your personal and financial identity. American 1 Credit Union is dedicated to helping you protect you by keeping you up to date on security updates. By staying informed you can take necessary steps to keep your information safe and private.

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