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True Savings Account - An American 1 Employee Perspective

My True Savings Goal: Making our dreams come true

The announcement about the True Savings account was so exciting to my husband and me. We were about to embark on the journey toward homeownership and the timing couldn’t be better with this new account being created. First, we decided to save some money to invest before purchasing a house.

We reached this goal faster than we had even imagined. The emails recognizing our progress were so motivating and it was exciting to see our balance grow! This made it easy to intentionally focus on investing for our future.

When we originally set our goals they seemed far-reaching. We weren’t anticipating the quick turnaround we experienced. It went so well, we were able to start our second goal; buying a home.

Our home buying experience was completely different than we expected. We were prepared to settle for a home that was not exactly what we dreamed of, but what we “could do.” Imagine our surprise when we found we were able to purchase not just a house, but rather our dream house! We are completely convinced our True Savings accounts were instrumental in making our dreams come true.

Our story isn’t necessarily usual. However, we believe our True Savings accounts paved the way to our highly unusual experience. While our results may appear to be somewhat a-typical we are excited to be a picture of how well True Savings can work. We are on to another True Savings goal now. After all, there is always something to save for.

Dawn H. 

Home Branch

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