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Tech Support Scams

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Tech Support Scams


With Tech Support Scams, fraudsters act as if they are from a reputable company and lead you to believe that something is wrong with your computer. It's essential to pay close attention when you receive communication like this because scammers are sneaky with their tactics. Below are a couple of ways they attempt to fool potential victims:

Phone Calls – Scammers tell you they work for a popular tech-related company and that there is a problem with your computer. Often, their goal is to gain remote access to your computer and pretend to run diagnostic tests. After, they charge you for the services they said they provided but didn't do. Hang up the phone if you get this phone call!

Pop-up Warnings – You may see a pop-up window on your computer screen that looks like an error message and says to call a phone number. But be cautious; this could be a scammer trying to trick you. Security pop-up warnings from actual tech companies will never ask you to call a phone number.

If a tech support scammer contacts you, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at and contact your local police.

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