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Scam Alert: Gift Card Scammers

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Scam Alert: Gift Card Scammers


American 1 Credit Union employees will never ask you to purchase gift cards to catch hackers and/or scammers. If you are ever asked to purchase gift cards over the phone and told that you will be reimbursed, it is a scam. Hang up immediately and do not comply with their request.

A common method used by scammers is to have you buy multiple gift cards for them. This scam has been used recently on an American 1 Credit union member. The scammers will ask you for the numbers on the back of the gift cards and tell you that you will be reimbursed once you provide this information. Once you do, they disappear without a trace along with the gift cards and your money.

American 1 will never conduct business in this way, and if it happens to you, we encourage you to make a report at https://fraud.org/.

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