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Patch Tuesday: September 24, 2019

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Patch Tuesday: September 24, 2019


September’s patch updates included several for Adobe. Four versions were labeled as important updates: Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop had a critical priority 2 update and Adobe Experience Manager had a critical priority 1 update. If you run any version of Adobe on your device, make sure it has the latest version running to mitigate vulnerabilities.

WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone”
It was recently discovered that the “Delete for Everyone” WhatsApp feature does not actually delete for everyone. If you are using WhatsApp and accidentally send a text/picture/video to the wrong user, the “Delete for Everyone” will remove that media from Android users, but not all Apple users. By default, Apple does not allow media to be deleted from the Camera Roll without the user’s consent meaning WhatsApp is unable to remove message content. If you use WhatsApp, keep this in mind when you need to use the “Delete for Everyone” feature. 

Public Google Calendars
Is your Google Calendar public? Making your Google Calendar public is not a security flaw, but it is a security concern. By making calendars public, many people have unintentionally made sensitive or private information available online. Any information or media within an event will be available with a quick Google search.  Additionally, if your calendar is public, you cannot tell by just looking at the calendar. To check the status of your calendar, you have to go into advanced settings. If you are unsure if you have ever made your Google calendar public, you will want to check these settings. 

Chrome Security Alert
Google released a new Chrome update that patches one critical and three high-risk vulnerabilities. These patches fix a flaw that allows remote hackers to take control of your device. To protect yourself from this attack, take a minute to check that your Chrome is updated to version 77.0.3865.90.

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