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Patch Tuesday: October 29, 2019

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Patch Tuesday: October 29, 2019


Windows 7

The End of Life for Windows 7 is coming up in January 2020. If you are still running this version of Windows on your laptop or desktop, consider upgrading to Windows 10. After the End-of-Life is up, Microsoft will no longer deploy the monthly security patches for the system, opening your devices to potential vulnerabilities.

October Patches

This month, Microsoft rolled out patches for several, critical vulnerabilities. These include patches for Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, and VBscript. Let your Microsoft Windows devices update to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Android Zero-Day

Keep an eye out for an update to your Android phone. A recently discovered zero-day vulnerabilities was found this month. If this vulnerability is exploited, hackers can successfully use privilege escalation to gain control of your device and gather data. Phones affected include Pixels, Huawei P20, Xiaomis, Oppo A3, Moto Z3, Oero LGs, and Samsung S7, S8 and S9.



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