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Patch Tuesday: July 9, 2019 Security Tips


This month, a total of 77 vulnerabilities were patched, 14 of which were critical security patches and 62 were labeled important. This month, these patches are for Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Azure DevOps, Open Source Software, .NET Framework, Azure, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, and Exchange Server. Two vulnerabilities have been reported to be exploited in the wild. One of these vulnerabilities is used on Windows 10 operating systems and one for Windows 7 and Server 2008.  To protect yourself against these attacks, let your Windows devices update as soon as possible.

TIP: Checking for Available Updates

Unsure if you have the latest Windows update?  If you run a Windows 10 device, search for “Check for Updates” in the search bar on your desktop and run that program.  Your computer will determine what updates you need and then ask if you want to install them. For Windows 7, you can search for “Windows update” and get the same results.

TIP: Android Apps Stealing Data

If you think your information is safe on Android apps, even when you deny permission to certain data, think again.  Recent research has shown that app developers are discovering sneaky ways to gather location and phone identifiers. The Shutterfly app has been gathering location data by using the metadata in photos, bypassing the geolocation permissions set by users. Shutterfly is just one of 1,325 Android apps found to be gathering information.  To protect your information, uninstall any apps you do not need and do some research on the apps you do need to make sure those apps do not have a reputation for stealing data.

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