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Keep Yourself Safe From Fraud

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Keep Yourself Safe From Fraud


Fraud continues to rise, and these scammers are being even more convincing. As a precaution, American 1 tries to avoid fraud on your account by calling or sending you text messages regarding purchases that may be out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, scammers can also "spoof" phone numbers to make them look like you are talking to a credit union employee or use fraud-related text messages that are identical to the ones we send in hopes of stealing your information.  

Here are a few tips to ensure you can verify the phone call or text message is from the American 1.  

  • Only provide sensitive information to American 1 if you were expecting the phone call. If you are suspicious, hang up and call us directly at 888-213-2848 to verify with an American 1 team member.  

  • Fraud-related text messages that American 1 sends will not contain links to click. If you have received a message like this, please report it to us by calling 888-213-2848.  

  • American 1 will never ask you for a Samsung Pay or Apple Pay code that is required for verification. 

  • American 1 will never ask you for your card PIN.  

At American 1, keeping your information safe and secure is extremely important to us. If you are unsure of any interaction regarding your account, please call us directly at 888-213-2848.  

If you would like to learn more about how fraudsters try to steal your information, visit, a free resource provided by American 1.  

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