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Credit vs. Debit Card Safety

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Credit vs. Debit Card Safety


Credit vc. Debit Card Safety


Many people have been or will be the victim of fraud on their debit or credit card in their lifetime. When this unfortunate event occurs, it can leave you scrambling, wondering what the next step should be. Many people think fraud is fraud regardless of what type of card it occurred on. However, that is not the case. Depending on which card was compromised, this determines whose money was stolen.

If fraud occurs on your debit card, the perpetrator is taking your actual money, and there is potential for more liability on your end. If fraud occurs on your credit card, the money that goes missing belongs to your financial institution. While you wait for the money to return to your credit card from your financial institution, you will still have access to your emergency fund and savings.

If you have both types of cards, it's a safer option to choose your credit card, if you can. Using your credit card will prevent you from losing personal money if you become a fraud victim.

To read more on how your Credit Card is safer than your debit card, visit this NerdWallet article here. American 1 Credit Union offers a Rewards Credit Card. Click here to learn more.

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