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Bank Account Scams

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Bank Account Scams


Many doctor offices, dentists, and businesses use text messaging or phone calls as tools to reach out to their members or customers. This method is exceptionally convenient for the business or office and those receiving the calls or texts. With so many people using their phones for their calendar, email, and so on, it makes sense that anything done remotely is beneficial.

Unfortunately, scammers know how attached people are to their phones, especially their mobile devices, and will stop at nothing to take advantage of them. So it’s important to know what to look for and how to stay safe from their schemes!

One common tactic scammers use is sending a text message or making a phone call and asking to confirm suspicious chargers. They will then ask for bank account information and attempt to freeze or drain your account. Their goal is to create anxiety in you about your account so that you will give up personal information.

If you receive a text or phone call with the situation described above, it’s best to hang up and ignore the message and directly contact your financial institution and report the suspicious activity. In addition, be cautious of any links sent via text message, as these can also direct you to a false log-in page that will steal your information.

To learn more about this topic, check out this article from the Better Business Bureau here!

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