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August Patches

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August Patches





The month of August has been a busy one at Microsoft. The monthly patch updates included patches for two zero-day vulnerabilities, and also 120 critical and important level patches. The first zero-day vulnerabilities were due to a remote code execution flaw in Internet Explorer 11. The other vulnerability being patched allowed signature spoofing for digitally signed executables. Patching this prevents malicious files from being blocked because it is considered ‘authorized’ by the spoofed, digital signature.

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

2020 has seen ransomware attacks continue to grow in popularity. There are daily discoveries of new variations of ransomware. More ransomware-as-a-service toolkits are being manufactured, which makes data breaches easier for amateur hackers. The best thing you can do is stay alert, and make sure that your computer systems are patched and updated to help prevent exposure to these types of attacks.

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