We are upgrading our telephone banking technology, A1 Access, at 8am on Tuesday, December 7. Click here for more information!

Contactless Chip Cards

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Contactless chip cards are here!

To activate your contactless chip card, please call 1-800-631-3197 (international 1-727-540-9434). If you have a question, please send a secure message in Online Banking (preferred) or contact us

If you have multiple cards of the same type, you can find your card numbers in Online BankingNavigate to your share or credit account, click card controls, then scroll to see the last four digits of the new, upgraded cards.

Payment Information Checklist

You received new credit and debit card numbers with the upgrade, so here is a helpful checklist of places you may need to update your payment information.

Tap-And-Go Payments!

With your new contactless chip card, you’ll be able to enjoy the ease and convenience of tap-and-go payment! Click here for instructions on how to use this new feature.