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Welcome to the Bill Pay FAQ Page!

Here is where you will find all of our frequently asked questions and answers regarding the American 1 Bill Pay system.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

How do I open Bill Pay in a new window?

To open Bill Pay as a larger window you must enable “pop-ups” on your computer. Pop-ups can usually be enabled through a message that appears on the top right of your screen in Chrome, or along the bottom bar in Explorer. We suggest you enable pop-ups for Bill Pay so every time you log in, you can easily go to the new window. 

View the Opening Bill Pay video.

The information is all in a narrow long line. Can I get a better view?

Yes! When using the desktop version, you have two view options - “Pay Bills” or “Bill Pay Dashboard.”  We recommend using the “Bill Pay Dashboard” view. This improvement allows you to see more of the functions of Bill Pay all in one place, making navigation much easier.

I don’t understand the two dates that show up when scheduling a payment in Bill Pay. 

The “SEND DATE” and “ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE” allow you greater flexibility when managing your bills. They mean different things for Mailed Payments (envelope icon) and Electronic Payments (lightning bolt icon).

SEND DATE – For a mailed payment, the send date is the date your check will be mailed through the US Postal Service from our Bill Pay fulfillment center.  

ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE – For a mailed payment, this date is the day your payment should arrive at the payee, through delivery by the US Postal Service. Funds will be withdrawn from your account once the check has been received and deposited by the Payee. Delivery date varies by the location of the payee. 

SEND DATE – For an electronic payment, the send date is the date the funds will leave your account and be transferred to the Payee electronically. 

DELIVERY DATE – For an electronic payment, the delivery date is the date the funds will be received by the Payee.

View the Scheduling Mailed and Electronic Payments video.

When I pay a bill, the money does not come out of my account immediately. What is happening?

In our Bill Pay platform, funds that are sent to your Payees electronically leave your account shortly after 5 PM on the Send Date. Funds arrive in the Payee’s account the same day. Funds that are sent to your Payees by mailed payment leave your account when the Payee deposits the check that they receive in the mail.


Additional Questions?

Call our Bill Pay Team: (888) 213-2848

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